(Separately Managed Spread Betting Accounts from Agincourt Financial)

Agincourt Portfolios represent a new concept in private client discretionary managed accounts. We provide a personally managed discretionary account service that allows our clients to access returns within a tax free environment*

* Funds held and trades executed with professional FSA authorised and regulated spread betting providers.  Based on current tax laws which may be subject to change.


We trade the portfolios as a hedge fund style long/short investment.  This means that we will effectively be buying assets such as shares or currencies that we expect to rise in value (known as going long) and selling equities or currencies that we expect to fall in value (known as going short).  This means that the portfolio has the ability to make money (or lose money) in either rising or falling markets.

Therefore, the portfolios will more closely resemble a ‘long/short’ hedge fund approach rather than a standard long only portfolio such as a Unit Trust.


Under current UK tax legislation, spread betting is exempt from UK income or capital gains taxes; therefore Agincourt clients' profits carry no further liability to UK taxation. In addition to this, you do not need to declare any profits from Spread Betting on your annual Tax Return.*

In order to benefit from the advantages that spread betting offers, we will introduce you to an FSA authorised and regulated spread betting provider. Which provider we introduce you to, will depend on the portfolio you invest in:


FX Tiger Portfolio

All investors in FX Tiger will be introduced to GKFX Financial Services Ltd(Trading as SmartLive Markets). GKFX are based in London and are specialists in Foreign Exchange Trading.


GKFX are regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). In addition, all private client deposits are segregated and covered by the regulations of the FSA Client Money rules.

Your funds will go into your own private account in your own name with this regulated spread betting provider. This means that the money will remain in your own name at all times and will be protected up to the current levels by the FSA Investor Compensation Scheme.

Agincourt will have a Management Mandate you sign with ourselves. This will allow us to manage your account and deduct fees when they become due on a monthly basis. The account remains in your name and apart from fees, we have no mandate to withdraw anything from your account.



“We eat our own cooking”- Warren Buffett

The 2 Key Managers are the initial investors in the Agincourt Portfolios as we believe that it is important that we align our interests with those who invest with us.  Therefore, the Key Managers of the business have invested substantial sums of our wealth in the Portfolios. What we are doing is allocating significant percentages of our own capital and offering the clients the same trip. If it’s good for you, it’s good for us conversely if it's bad for you, it's bad for us.**

We cannot guarantee that we will make all the right market calls. What we can guarantee, though, is that we will also suffer the highs and lows of the Portfolios along with our investors. In the words of the Warren Buffett the worlds greatest investor  ”We eat our own cooking” 

** The exact make up of individual portfolios may differ depending on the timing of each managed account investment and redemption.
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